Size Your Belt




It is important to determine your belt size accurately to achieve the look and fit you want, and to avoid unnecessary shipping back and forth.  There are three ways to do this:






1.  If the belt is for a man, you may provide the pant size – for example, W 32 – and I can size the belt accordingly.






2.  You may slip a measuring tape through your belt loops (or in some cases, around the waist/hip area where you will wear your belt), and provide the measurement.  This is the most accurate method, and appropriate for men whose size is “in between.”




3.  Use an old belt.  Place your tape measure at the prong end of the buckle.






Extend it along the belt until it reaches the hole that is most often used, and take that measure (in inches or centimeters).  This measure will be at the center hole of 5 holes on your belt.

Last but not least, when telling me your size, please let me know which method you used, and whether the belt is for a man or woman.      Thank you!