Do you love the smell of leather?  I certainly do, and have enjoyed arts and crafts through the years as well.  In 1983, I combined the two and began creating leather products for a shop in the Verde Valley in Arizona.  In 1987, I started Ray’s Leatherworks in the Sierra Vista area, making mostly belts and various types of wallets.  I moved to Tombstone for 9 years and made quite a few holsters and gunbelts for local reenactors and tourists.

My interests shifted in 2000, and I began working in the schools, finally becoming a teacher.  That profession didn’t allow me enough time with my family, so I’m “back in the saddle” again, creating belts and operating in the comfort of the world wide web!

I select all my leathers by hand, for the best quality hides, and use top quality dyes and sealing products from Fiebing; Lexol and Neatsfoot conditioners, and Barge glue.  I use buckles and buckle sets from Tandy, the former Leather Factory, and M. Siegel.  I cut each belt strip from 9 to 10 ounce double shoulders (cowhide) to your desired width.  I hand stamp or tool each belt (none are machine embossed).  I am meticulous in creating a handsome and durable product.  My braided belts are cut from 3 to 5 ounce leather, hand woven and dyed to your color preference.

Why Ray’s Leatherworks?  My maiden name when I began my business in ’87 was  Ray.  I am Stephanie Rose, and I invite you to allow me to create a custom belt for you!